Devin Shanahan

Hi everyone! I’m Devin, the lucky guy traveling the world with the beautiful girl below.  I grew up just south of Denver and have lived most of my life in Colorado.  I love playing sports and they kept me pretty busy throughout my childhood, but my parents always made sure to take my brother and me on at least one trip per year.  It’s a running joke in my family that my brother and I were nine or ten when we went on every trip, in actuality they were between the ages of 5-18 but I’d say going on so many trips that you can’t keep them straight is a pretty good problem to have.
My travel was restricted to a couple of spring break trips during college, I studied Economics and played football for the University of Colorado (GO BUFFS) and that kept me pretty busy.  After college, I tried my hand at boxing and playing poker full time before getting a job a job at a proprietary trading company.  Trading was up and down, but my experience there was all up.  In addition to making some really great friends, I met the ONE on the company’s annual trip to Mexico.  I eventually decided to go back to school, got my master’s from the University of Denver and then began teaching middle and high school math and computer programming.  As Stef and I formulated this plan to travel and work remotely, I focused on applying my programming skills to data science and machine learning.  Just before leaving for this trip I was offered a remote internship for a company called Giscle Systems in Bangalore, India.  I will be helping them develop systems for autonomous driving, all while exploring Southeast Asia with Stef!
I am the oldest of two, but just 13 months older than my brother, Brent.  Brent and his wife are both computer programmers, living in San Diego, and I have Brent to thank for introducing me to computer programming.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in and they actually “took us in” after we sold our house faster than we planned.  It was nice to get a month of quality time with them before we left and we are looking forward to meeting up with them somewhere (yet to be determined) on our trip!
I hope this blog inspires you to see what is possible when you uproot your life, go remote and experience more of our amazing world.


Stefanie Shanahan

Hi! I’m Stef, the Canadian born dreamer who moved from Calgary, AB to Denver, CO in 2015 to marry the love of my life.  I grew up in Sherwood Park with all my family (there is a lot) and great friends and was fortunate to get a glimpse of the amazing world through my ski racing.  That, combined with the fact that my Babi, Deda, mom and her two younger sisters immigrated from Czech to Canada leaving everything and everyone they knew behind, piqued my curiosity to explore the world and discover my roots.

Professionally, I work in HR, which I love because it combines my love for people and my ability to leverage their success to ultimately impact the bottom line.  I have worked for two companies I absolutely love, in Calgary – Brookfield Office Properties and in Denver – CoreSite.  Ideally, continuing to work in HR remotely and on the blog would be the dream!

I am the youngest of two girls and my sister Chantelle is my best friend, confidant and personal fashion consultant. She lives in Calgary and has two boys who just may be the most kind, curious and loving humans in the world. My parents, retired young and live a dream life in Cabo half of the year which has only sparked this desire for me to work smart now and strive to have a life like theirs.  They spend the remainder of the year back home in Sherwood Park, which I am sure you can now understand the extreme need for us to be location independent, so we can maximize time with everyone we love (and there are a lot!)

I hope you enjoy our journey and if we can as much as inspire you to take a chance, be brave and follow your dreams – than we have succeeded.

Much love xo