Month: June 2018


Discovering my Roots in the Czech Republic

One of the most anticipated and meaningful stops on our trip was the Czech Republic.  For those who do not know my family history, my grandparents, along with their three young daughters, escaped communist Czechoslovakia and sought refuge in Alberta, Canada in October 1968.  So it has always been my dream […]


Egypt – past, present and future

When we were originally brainstorming countries to visit on this trip around the world, Egypt was off the table.  It has always been a bucket list destination for me but I accepted the reality that I may never get to see it, at least not in the near future.  Due […]


Dirty Thirty in Dubai

For those who follow our social media, you will already know how I chose to celebrate my big 3-0, in the most extravagant place on earth – Dubai!  Since we spent Devin’s 30th in Las Vegas a couple years ago, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do […]