Month: April 2018


Easing our way into India – Bengaluru and Goa

All I have ever heard from people when I told them India was on my bucket list was “India is crazy”!  Conceptually, I understood why they would have that reaction but until I was faced with the reality of it, I didn’t realize how overwhelming the thought of India was.  […]


Sri Lanka’s beauty shines in Ella & Mirissa

While we travel through Sri Lanka, we are amazed at the diversity of the landscape; from the rolling tea plantations in Ella to the pristine golden beaches in Mirissa, every square mile is filled with beauty. At times, the amount of ground we cover in each country we visit has […]


Taste of Sri Lanka

Over the past four months, we have traveled throughout Southeast Asia and tasted some of the most authentic, deliciously prepared foods one could imagine. While we have loved the unique flavors in each country, there are definitely a few standouts among the rest. For me, the cuisine in Sri Lanka […]