Month: February 2018


Picture Perfect Southern Thailand

Without a doubt, Southern Thailand is one of the most picturesque regions in the world. Between the endless stretches of white sand beach, the turquoise water of the Andaman Sea and fiery sunsets over the islands, it is difficult to truly capture the beauty of Southern Thailand in a few […]


Foodie Paradise – Singapore Hawker Centers

Personally, I would not consider myself a “foodie” because I feel I lean too far to the “penny pincher” side to fully commit to the lifestyle but, I do love some cheap eats! That is where the hawker centers come in; gourmet, high quality dishes at street food prices.  For […]


Singapore where East meets West

Two words can easily sum up our arrival to the city-state of Singapore, culture shock.  With a population over 5.6 million residing on only 719.9 km² of land, Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.  To go from the chaotic cities we recently visited to the orderly, […]


Angkor Wat – Worth Every Penny

It’s no secret at this point that we are dedicated to stretching every dollar as best that we can.  Before leaving our jobs and packing our bags, we knew proper budgeting and geoarbitrage were the key to making this trip a reality.  We consistently eat (and love) street food, we keep […]