Some may call us crazy, some think we are brave, but we just knew we had to travel!  The decision for us to sell our house, purchased only a year and a half prior, leave some great jobs and say goodbye to our family and closest friends was not an easy one.  Anyone in their right mind would thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons, calculate the risk and either decide that the life they know now is enough, or say fuck it and go for it!.  We realized very soon in our decision to make the leap that we could talk our way out of it a thousand times over.  There were no shortage of reasons why we should stay, take the safe route and plan for a secure future but against all logic, we knew this was the time in our lives to go for it, so we did.

Stefanie’s Why

I have brought on a lot of change in my own life over the past three years, the biggest change being my move from Calgary, AB to Denver, CO to marry the one, the only Devin Shanahan.  In Calgary. I had the best life – my sister and her boys were the most important part of my world and I had a job, boss and company I loved and could have stayed at for my entire HR career.

Davin & Hayden – my perfect nephews

Saying goodbye to the life I built in Calgary destroyed me, I moved for love but was worried that wasn’t enough.   Fortunate for me, my jitters subsided quickly and I started to feel settled in my new life.  Feeling empowered (and actually quite proud) of how things worked themselves out, I started to truly believe that life should never stand still, feel stagnant or not challenge the status quo.  With a lot of reading, podcasting and reflecting on what both Devin and I wanted our lives to be, we discovered we were both ready for what was next.  A quote that I can easily say was the catalyst to this mindset “don’t be scared of change, be scared of the status quo”  and I remind myself of this any time I am overwhelmed with the decision to give up my entire life, again.

I cannot write this post without mentioning the incredibly influential super human Tim Ferriss, an author, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “human guinea pig”, Tim has completely transformed the way I think about happiness, success and personal growth.  He has taught me that the only measure of success in life is the amount of time you have to do the things you truly want. “you can always make more money, you can never make more time”  This was such a clarifying thought and I had never perceived time in this way before but after reading his books, everything made sense.  It was as though I had a call to action in my own life, and that was to find a life where I could maximize every minute with the people I want to spend it with, travel the world and absorb as much as possible about other cultures and do meaningful work that I will look back and be proud of.  I owe everything to Tim Ferriss and I just want to spread his insight and knowledge with the world.

“Someday“ is a disease that will take
your dreams to the grave with you.
– Tim Ferriss

For me, embarking on this adventure around the world was a no-brainer and I know with certainty I will come home a different, more dynamic and more accepting person.  I look forward to sharing the journey, this is only the beginning…

Devin’s Why

As all good husbands do, I’m going to immediately argue with Stef’s assertion above that her decision was a “no-brainer”.  Sometimes she forgets that there was a little voice (or more accurately a 6’5, 250 lb voice) constantly reminding her that reasons to stay would not stop and that the only way to make this adventure happen was to shut off the “logical” brain and ignore every reason to stay and play it safe.  I put logical in quotes because logical is too often misconstrued to mean safe.  It was safer to keep our home, safer to keep our jobs, and safer to keep our friends and family close.  Looking at our long-term goals, hopes and dreams (which I’ll explain below), there was nothing more logical than embarking on this adventure.
From my perspective, I always felt uncomfortable with how much Stef sacrificed for us to get married.  As you read above, Stef had a lot going for her in Calgary, but more than anything she had her family there (and it is no small family).  We absolutely love spending as much time as possible with them and every trip has left us wanting more.  I wouldn’t say I felt guilty about it, we had a great life in Denver and were very happy, but I just knew that we could have more.  I also knew that in order to get more, we would have to take risks, step outside our comfort zone, and create the life we wanted.  But if you are going to rearrange your entire life, why stop there?
Stef has always had a drive to see the world, and you know what they say: “happy wife, happy life.”   I really have to give all the credit to Stef for this trip happening. I have more of a go-with-the-flow personality and without Stef steering us in this direction I am pretty sure it is an opportunity that would have passed me by.  However, once I got on this course I was determined to make it happen, no excuses.  I began listening to podcasts on long-term travel and being a digital nomad and was further inspired to make this trip a reality.  The clear theme in everything I’ve read or listened to is BOOK IT!  Once we booked our trip, there was no turning back, every life-changing decision HAD to happen and it is a terrifying but liberating experience.

At this point you are probably seeing the logic.  We needed to make major changes in our day-to-day life to achieve our long-term goal and a year of travel would force us to make those changes.  We will be learning in real-time how to make a living while being location independent, all while seeing the places we have always dreamed of going.  If successful, when we return we will be able to share our time with both of our families and continue to see more and more of this amazing planet and its incredible people.

Looking Forward

In future posts, we will dive deeper into our overall plan and financial strategy for this trip, we will share any knowledge we gain, but most of all we will share our experiences as we travel through this beautiful world.  One thing we know from previous travels is that pictures and words can never compare to experiencing it for yourself.  We hope to inspire you to go remote and spread your roots worldwide.


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