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The Not-So-Glamourous Side of Travel

It is easy to assume that with the filtered Instagram photos and highlight reel blog posts that the traveling life is glamorous.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  You can’t even begin to prepare for the unexpected delays, miscommunication, language barriers, and screw-ups that life on the road entails, […]


Our Month in Croatia’s Capital – Zagreb

Initially when we brainstormed our “dream destinations”, Croatia was right near the top of our list but once we took a look at prices, we didn’t think we could swing it.  The high season in Croatia is July/August meaning the already expensive destination was now grossly inflated to capitalize on […]


Taste Hungary – a few of our favorite bites

It goes without saying, Hungarian food is hearty, indulgent and oh so tasty.  We had just come from our month in Albania where we really focused on getting back in shape so, I was admittedly a little nervous I would negate all my hard work with the abundance of Hungarian cuisine.  During […]


Budapest, Hungary – a little something for everybody

What an unexpected treat Budapest was!  Having heard great things about Budapest throughout our travels, I was excited to see for myself what it was all about.  First of all, the city has the perfect blend of old and new, without one outshining the other.  This lends itself the gorgeous […]


Albania – The Hidden Gem of Europe

Most people (us included) had never considered Albania as a destination of choice, but we are so happy we did! I am almost reluctant to let anyone else in on the secret of the Balkans, but Albania is a hidden gem in Southern Europe that is sure to surge in […]


Florence & Venice – Italian Vacation Part II

I’ll start part II of our adventures in Italy by expressing my gratitude to my dad and brother for doing all the driving on the trip.  Our 9-passenger rental van fit the six of us and all of our luggage comfortably;  however, the van itself hardly fit comfortably in the Italian […]

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Realizing your Long-Term Travel Dream

Before I get into this post I must preface by emphasizing that by no means do I feel that being a digital nomad is superior to any other life/career.  Long-term travel was a decision Devin and I made together because it was a dream we both shared and a path […]


Rome & Orvieto – Italian Vacation Part I

After eighteen days of getting spoiled by Stef’s extended family in Prague, we headed to Rome where we would be meeting up with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law.  After seven months apart, we could not wait to see my family, but we had ten days in Rome on our own […]